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What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO

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Freelance Search engine optimization or seo services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing a website to get free or unpaid or organic traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
In SEO, Keywords play a major role because when a user types a query, so the search engine starts indexing the data and start ranking websites that are related to that keyword.

SEO can also beat paid traffics if the optimization of a website is strong. When a website comes on a search engine first page it creates trust in visitors which is beneficial for any kind of business. It also helps customers in growing their business immensely.

Advantages of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Increase Organic Traffic
SEO Helps To Increase Your Sale
SEO Builds Trust
SEO Beats Paid Traffic
SEO Builds Brand Awareness
SEO Is Cost-Effective
SEO Help Visitors To Find Your Website Easily

SEO Process

Before beginning a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process of a website firstly we need to check who are our competitors, what is their strategy, which keywords they are using and more things. After knowing all these things we start making our SEO strategy to beat our competitors. We break the process in these steps-

  • Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Building
  • Create a Strong Website Architecture
  • Analyze The Performance

Website Audit

When we start our SEO Process firstly we need to take an audit of our competitor’s website. We check their Title, Description, Domains Authority, Page Authority, Organic Traffic, Alexa Rank, Number of Keywords, Content, Backlinks and many more. we check all things with the help of some SEO tools like – Semrush, Screaming Frog, Small SEO Tool.

For Example, assume that you are auditing an XYZ website. So with the help of SEO tools, you will get a deep analysis report of your competitor’s website in which you can see the opportunities to beat your competitors and get highly ranked in search engines. After this process, we take an audit of our client’s website and fix those errors or bugs which are sufficient to beat our competitor’s website. After fixing all the errors or bugs of our client’s website, we can start work on another part of the work which is a must for website keywords rankings.

Keyword Research

In SEO Process Keywords play a major role. Everything depends upon him. This step is critical and requires a considerable amount of time because if you select a wrong keyword, so you will lose your visitors or users. With the help of some SEO tools, we make a list of keywords that have more value in a search engine or high traffic rate.

Semrush, Google Adwords, Ubersuggest and many more are the tools that help us to choose the relevant keywords. Ubersuggest provides us the volume of the searching keyword which helps us to select the right keyword.

Content Building

On a website, Content plays a major role because if your content was not good and interesting which makes the reader boor, In this situation left your website and move on to another website.
In a website content is a king because it attracts visitors to stay on a website. On each page, we need to fill a minimum of 300 words of content in each section. If we have images on our page, so we need to write some content(short info about the image) about that image for our alt tag section because search engine crawlers are not able to read an image for that they use alt tag info to understand what is presented on the image.

Always write easy and relevant content and fill each page with rich content because the search engine loves high quality and high volume content. With the help of rich content search engine will get more knowledge about your website and help you to provide a good ranking in search engine.

Create A Strong Website Architecture

When a visitor comes on your website, firstly they see your website architecture. If your website font, images, color choices, sufficient content, pages don’t satisfy him, so they moved to another website. To avoid the above situation we need to create a strong website architecture.

Use high-quality images that have informative info about your goods and services. Sometimes those users which are in hurry they read text quickly and they skip useful info which they want at this situation your images play a major role and help the user to get instant info for which they are looking for.

Let’s take an example If you are a visitor and you visit a website and you want to search something and you are not able to see search box easily to search a query on that particular website, that time you will skip that website and go another website to get solution of your query.

Let’s take another example: If you want to purchase some article but you don’t see the payment gateway, in this situation what will you do??? moved to another website right? So we need to create a strong website architecture, so visitors can find each and everything easily.

Analyze The Performance

After completing the whole process we need to Analyse the performance of our website with the help of some tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush and more.
We need to keep checking our rankings and our competitor’s rankings and see it will change or not if not change it means we are doing something wrong in our whole process and then we need to recheck the whole process.

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